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Open a new account with us and you will automatically receive 200 points equating to £2.00 to spend on our website. You can also earn extra 50 points by sharing our website link on Facebook and Twitter.

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Loyalty Rewards

Ever time you shop with mGuru you automatically earn Loyalty Points and these points can be used to get discount on your future purchases.

mGuru offers 5 loyalty points for every pound spend in our shop and this equates to five pence discount. For example if you spend £30 you will receive 150 loyalty points and this means you can receive £1.50 towards future shopping with us.

mGuru offers one of the highest loyalty rewards in the market. 

20 Years Service Special Offer

If you buy 2 items get 6% discount or buy 3 or more items to get 12% discount.  Shop now and take advantage of this amazing offer.