Huawei P30 Purple Mirror View Flip Case Cover


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Tired of having to open and close your Huawei just to check your time / notifications? This Smart View Case for Huawei is unique in that the notifications will show through the front Flip Panel allowing you to effortlessly view your notifications without having to open the Front Fip Panel.\n\nWho doesn't love a flip Case? We all do! But the annoying thing about them is when you have to open the front panel to talk. Well worry no more as our Huawei Flip Case have a built in speaker port on the front Flip Panel allowing you to answer your calls effortlessly and in a sleek way. Walk around with your Huawei enclosed inside the Case while you talk to your loved ones.\n\nWorried if your Huawei Case will be compatible with your accessories? Well don't be! Our Easy Access ports allow you to connect all types of chargers and headphones into your Huawei without having to remove your Phone. Not only does this mean an easier to use Case, but also less hassle of removing and reapplying the Case over and over again.\n\n


(No reviews yet) Write a Review