Silver Universal Magnetic in Car Mobile Phone Holder Air Vent


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Product Overview

This stylish magnetic car phone mount provides a simple and easy solution to mounting your smartphone to the dashboard of your vehicle. 
Designed to look smooth and sleek it requires no fixings! It has a great compact design, so no bulky attachments that block your vision.
The mount simply slides on to the air vent blade in your vehicle.  No more big cradles! Place and remove instantly!
Stick the metal plate included to the back of your phone case or phone (you can also place the plate inside your phone case if it is thin) and your phone will be attracted to the magnetic mount.
Specially designed neodymium magnets, do not cause interference with your device.
Will fit in nearly every car, van, truck etc, on vertical or horizontal air vent blades  Super easy and quick to install and remove to your car air vent blade
It is versatile and can hold practically any size samsung smart phone or GPS device. 
The Magnetic plate is Quadra Nickel plated to ensure your device is held securely.
Use a thin phone case or attach metal plate directly to the back of thicker phone cases to avoid interference with magnetism.    
Protective transparent film is available to buy separately if you wish to apply the plate directly to back of your phone.

Before entrusting your devices make sure to test it is installed correctly by moving the device back and forth to check the strength of the set up.    

Plate may interfere with wireless charging, it is advisable to stick plate on outside of your case if you use a wireless charger, or test beforehand.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review