White genuine fast car charger USB Dual universal Charging QC 3.0 Cars LED 12V-24V uk


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Product Overview

TWIN PORT USB Car Mobile Phone,Tablet,Devices FAST CHARGER, 9V/12V/24V
QualComm 3.0 Smart Microchip with Auto Adjust safety Protect technology which Adjusts to your Devices own Voltages without the risk of them getting damaged.
The Universal Qualcomm 3.0 5V 6A USB charger Mobile Phone Accessories -for journeys, For Car Accessories fast charging for Caravans, Use For Usb Fast charging your Samsung Huawei Iphone Htc Xiaomi Blackberry and many more mobile Phones
Dual Port USB Fast Car Charger is Environment Friendly and BPA FREE's ABS Material,it has WIDE COMPATIBILITY GUARANTEE
Universal Fast Car Phone Charger For Cigarette Socket 12V - 24V will recognize the maximum input for your device can handle while charging. Benefits? Overheat Protection,longer battery life all while maintaining the fastest quick charging with Twin USB possible.
Qualcomm 3.0 and 3.1A Ports Combined is Equivalent to 5V/6A of power Super Fast Charging is a great benefit when on the move especially with satnavs on your phone, tablets or other devices requiring a Fast Usb Charging Socket and lights up LED During the night it has great visibility. 
 What makes the Qualcomm Port even more Powerful is its Smart Chip Technology Enabling it to Enhance the Qualcomm 3.0 Port for even faster charging.
The Universal 6 Amp Twin Port Charger plugs into any standard 
12v-24v car cigerette lighter fitting and its compact design means it
 is small enough to throw in a briefcase or backpack when you’re on
 the go. Samsung’s quick-charging technology powers your phone
 while it charges its battery, so you can make calls, check your
 messages or browse the Web while your phone is charging. This
 Universal Dual Port Twin Super Fast charger has an output of 6 
Amps combined to give your phone power that is a much faster 
rate than your typical 1 Amp or 700mAh USB Car charger.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review