Wireless Fast Charger | 10 W | 2.0 A | USB Powered


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This Nedis® Qi wireless fast* charger minimises tangling cords and cable clutter: you only need the included Micro USB cable to power the charger itself. Place your smartphone on the charging station and battery replenishment starts automatically and completely wireless. This also puts an end to tear and wear of cables and ports since you don’t have to plug in / unplug your smartphone over and over again.\n\nThe charger embeds fast charging technology so if your device supports this option, it takes half the time of regular wireless chargers to get your smartphone battery level up at 100% again. The charger also features a rubber anti-slip ring, keeping your smartphone safely in place. \nGeared as this wireless charger might be towards user convenience, we didn’t forget about its looks: a sleek design with small footprint allows you to bring it along wherever you go and charge your smartphone in style. \n\nThis charger is compatible with Qi-enabled smartphone. To ensure optimal performance, we advise a home charger of at least 9 V.\n\n!!<>!!Features!!<>!!\n• Fast charging technology* with a max. power output of 10 W\n• Regular charging also supported with a power output of 5 W\n• Portable design with small footprint to charge your smartphone anywhere\n• Qi wireless charging: saves wear and tear on charging port and cables\n• Universal use: compatible with all devices which support wireless charging\n• No need to align your smartphone: just drop it on the charging station\n• Green LED to indicate that smartphone is charging\n• Including Micro USB cable to power the charger\n\n!!<>!!Package contents!!<>!!\nCharging pad\nMicro USB cable\n\n


(No reviews yet) Write a Review